Hello there! Whether you're new here or have been a follower for a while (thank you!), I wanted to share more about how and why Woolly Bear Knits began, and what my company is all about. 

How it started

I learned to knit and crochet as a kid from my grandma. I crocheted casually since then but never really learned to read patterns. My grandma was left-handed so that’s how she taught me, so I have a hard time looking at crochet diagrams! I re-taught myself to knit (right-handed) in 2018 by watching a lot of YouTube videos. My grandma passed away last summer, so I feel like my knitting business is a tribute to her and is motivation to keep going, knowing she was proud of me.

I used to work in the corporate world, and am currently staying home with my young son. Making things gives me something to do with my hands and gives me a creative outlet. After decking out most of my family and friends in my knitted creations, I started selling hats to friends and donated the profits to my sister’s non-profit organization, Bar None Youth Ranch. When I wanted to expand to selling my hats to a wider audience, I created my Etsy shop: Woolly Bear Knits in early 2019. 

What's important

I started out using high-end, ethically sourced yarn and I will continue to do this going forward. It’s important to me to use materials that are kind to animals and good for the environment. Wool and merino wool will last a long time if cared for properly, and are biodegradable when you’re done with them. This is why you won’t see me using a lot of acrylic yarn. I also don’t use a lot of excess packaging when mailing out your items. While I love receiving beautifully packaged items, that joy is short-lived and the reality is most of the packaging ends up in the landfill. I just switched over to compostable mailers. I also value finding ways to reduce waste, so that’s why you’ll see many of my patterns are scrap yarn projects!

I never intended to become a pattern designer, but I owe most of my success (in terms of Etsy sales and Instagram followers) to the serendipitous pattern (the Sunrise Cowl, pictured below) I created randomly one day as a way to use up leftover yarn. I posted it on Instagram, sharing the story that I used to never use patterns because I didn’t know how to read them. Then I’d get frustrated because things never turned out right (obviously, because I didn’t know what I was doing). When I relearned to knit, I learned how to read patterns! I asked if people if they wanted the pattern for the scrap yarn cowl, and they said yes! So I did, and that’s kind of how I got the ball rolling!

Sunrise Cowl by Woolly Bear Knits

Thanks for reading, and THANK YOU for following along and helping fund my yarn stash and provide some extra income for my family!